balancing|projecting | 2019

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From October 2018 to March 2019, I learned to walk a tightwire.

By documenting my training, I aimed to visualise the precarious nature of life, and show the capabilities -and limits- of my body. The ancient art of tightrope walking (funambulism) has entertained us for centuries. Alongside aerial and other circus skills, the seemingly impossible act of balancing on a wire or rope continues to fascinate us.

The tightwire walker is often used as a visual metaphor for the precariousness of life: work, families, relationships, identity, the unpredictability of our physical and mental health...
Can we solve all our problems by maintaining balance?
Does the potential for losing it make life more interesting? In this installation, I use digital projections to project a performance of balance and success. This performance requires practice, repetition, strength and commitment.
Partly inspired by Hermine Demoriane's 1989 memoir, 'The Tightrope Walker', I kept a written recording of the learning process of learning a physical skill. It includes photographs, thoughts, research, and technical notes documenting the process.

Videography by Sharon Kilgannon at Alonglines Photography
With big thanks to Kitty, Milo and all at High Top Circus
Music by The Irrepressibles